How Do I Love Me (Day 3)

This piece is by Shannon Bindler and Margalit Ward, learn more about these two Certified Life Coaches at Get Up Girl! The Beauty Message Challenge is about loving yourself and seeing the beauty and greatness inside of you, go beyond telling yourself “I am beautiful” and take some of these suggested actions to love yourself.

Let me count the ways…

  1. Make time for activities I enjoy
  1. Surround myself with positive and supportive people
  1. Spend time in nature
  1. Listen to my feelings with compassion and understanding
  1. Sing in the shower
  1. Cook delicious and healthy food that nourishes my body
  1. Listen and honor my intuition
  1. Spend time with people I love
  1. Rest my body when I’m tired
  1. Dance in my kitchen
  1. Speak to myself with kind and loving words
  1. Make time for silence
  1. Express my creativity in fun and enjoyable ways
  1. Walks in the fresh morning air in my neighborhood
  1. Listen to music that moves me
  1. Share love and appreciation with others
  1. Take hot bubble baths
  1. Sit in the shade of an old oak tree on a hot summer day
  1. Smile at strangers
  1. Having an adventure, going some place new

How do you love you? Share with us if you like.

Certified Life Coaches Shannon Bindler and Margalit Ward are the founders of Get Up Girl Coaching Groups, Workshops, and Retreats. Their blog is a way for Get Up Girls and other interested women to share about the people, places, and resources that inspire and enrich our lives.  Visit their website for upcoming events:

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