Knowing Your Beautiful (Day 23)

This piece is by the beautiful, dedicated, and loving Whitney Ullman.  She writes a weekly piece for the Atlantic City Weekly.

“Beauty isn’t worth thinking about,” reads the quote, “what’s important is your mind. You don’t want a 50-dollar haircut on a 50-cent head.”

When I first read the quote, I thought that this was going to be the one I would post. But after reading it to my husband, the first words out of his mouth were: “I have no idea what that means. I’m gonna take out the garbage now.”

Afterwards, as I was doing other things, I kept thinking about beauty and how it is different for everyone and how so many women spend so much time trying to make the outside of their body look beautiful and do not concentrate as much energy on their insides. I wondered why we feel the need to beautify ourselves the way that we do?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Beauty Mirror for girls application and how important it is for us to feel good about ourselves and to know that even with no makeup on we are beautiful.

Even when times are tough and we don’t know what to do, but we follow our hearts and try to do the right thing, we are beautiful.

Beauty isn’t only about superficial things such as making sure we are wearing designer outfits with the most expensive jewelry and having Botox injections or wearing gobs of makeup just to go to the supermarket. True beauty comes from within.

True beauty comes from your actions and how you treat people. It comes from giving love and helping others.

Granted, it may make you feel great to get your hair done and to buy something nice — and we certainly all have the right to feel pretty and have nice things — but when those things define who you are that’s when you need to worry.

Who would want to be with someone who has a 50-dollar haircut when they only have a 50-cent head? The problem with many of us is that when we go out to a club or with friends somewhere fun and we are single looking for someone, some of us will tend to wear the shortest skirt, the most revealing top and a lot of makeup. All things that scream “look at my outside,” but that can also hinder an opportunity for genuine conversation or to let someone know what you have inside you.

Knowing your inner beauty is key to having someone love you for your outer beauty. I challenge you to go out one night with no make up — OK, maybe some mascara and lip gloss, but that’s it. See how many people you will attract, see the difference it will make with the way they treat you, and most importantly see how the way you view yourself will change.

Looking pretty is one thing but feeling and knowing you are beautiful is another. I choose the latter.

About isabelrasmussen

Three generations of women in my family raised me until first grade, amongst them I was taught how wonderful it was to be a girl. In my tween years I was confronted with many of the social challenges other girls face and my self confidence dwindled. I think it was going from being so proud of being a girl to struggling so much as a girl and reading of all the struggles that women faced that motivated me throughout my life. I received her undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies at UW and then worked in domestic violence and as a community organizer in San Francisco. At 26 I took the opportunity to live in Guatemala for a year and West Africa for a summer. I returned to the US and in 2008 obtained a Green MBA at Dominican University in San Rafael.
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