Faces of Beauty: Celebrate The Unique Beauty In All Of Us

I just discovered the blog Faces of Beauty and absolutely love it!  Please take a look at what she is doing; I’ve pulled a few pieces from her blog and posted them below.  I am so inspired by this because my hope for this blog Beauty Message was for women to take on the challenge of telling themselves they were beautiful for 10 days and then sharing the experience here.

Faces of Beauty is on a mission to celebrate the incredible and unique beauty in all of us.  It throws off the societal pressures to look a certain way and gives an opportunity to share what we love about ourselves.

The hope is that Faces of Beauty will help start a revolution of men, women, and children learning to love themselves just as they are!

Just take a (happy!) picture of yourself from the shoulders up and email it to Heather at heathersdish @ gmail [dot] com.  Make sure you include a little note (500 words or less) about what you love about yourself, what makes you beautiful, and/or your journey to learning to love yourself.  The photos will be posted one photo and paragraph each day under your first name.  Please let me know if you would like to be linked back to your blog/website if applicable!

AMBER is one of the people featured on her blog

That girl used to look in the mirror and all she saw were braces, freckles and flaws. Her legs too thick and her chest was too small. She had low self esteem, body issues and she was a late bloomer. She convinced herself that she weighed too much and wasn’t pretty enough. She didn’t think she was worthy and that showed. She treated herself poorly and let others treat her that way too.

That girl grew up and realized she didn’t always have to think like that, she didn’t have to be so hard on herself.  She began to think her freckles were cute that her and that her thick eye brows framed her face.  She embraced her flaws and began to love herself. And when that happened, that girl did bloom, and realized she was beautiful. The mirror and scale no longer defined her, she defined herself.

Now that girl blogs about her outfits and things that inspire her. She celebrates the things she thinks she thinks are beautiful, and now she can finally include herself in that list.

I now know I am beautiful. Inside and out.

About isabelrasmussen

Three generations of women in my family raised me until first grade, amongst them I was taught how wonderful it was to be a girl. In my tween years I was confronted with many of the social challenges other girls face and my self confidence dwindled. I think it was going from being so proud of being a girl to struggling so much as a girl and reading of all the struggles that women faced that motivated me throughout my life. I received her undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies at UW and then worked in domestic violence and as a community organizer in San Francisco. At 26 I took the opportunity to live in Guatemala for a year and West Africa for a summer. I returned to the US and in 2008 obtained a Green MBA at Dominican University in San Rafael.
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1 Response to Faces of Beauty: Celebrate The Unique Beauty In All Of Us

  1. ThePowerofMyth says:

    This is a great idea! I love it! What a wonderful way to show just how beautiful the human body can be naturally!

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