Finding your inner sexy

This blog looks at how we can feel more beautiful about who we are and ways we can support our daughters in building self confidence.  Being sexy or feeling sexy is something I am not too comfortable with.  I have become very comfortable with saying “I am beautiful” but I do not even know if I want to say “I am sexy” it is different – it is about my body and how I move it.  I like the idea of building more confidence in how I move my body.  In stretching myself to be sexy for me I have decided to post the following piece written by Catherine Solmes. I am going to dance to music all alone like she suggests.  I want to note that being beautiful is for all ages but I do not support girls looking or acting sexy, this article is not suggested for tweens or teens as I believe they need to enjoy their youth.

Sexy is a way of thinking. The following tips will help to increase your self-awareness and self-confidence and make feeling sexy a way of life!

When it comes to feeling sexy it’s not just about what you wear, it’s all about self-awareness. There are subtle, everyday things you can use to increase your self-awareness and discover your inner hedonist.

Use the following tips everyday to focus on your body and learn how sexy feels!

Walking with Confidence

The next time you’re walking down the street – slow your pace and take notice of how your body moves. Most notably, take notice of the movement of your hips. If they’re not already, let them sway slightly.

Check your posture. Standing up straight makes you look slimmer and allows your clothes to drape on your body the way they were meant to. Try this trick: imagine someone is holding an ice cube just above the top of your spine and a droplet of icy water is sliding between your shoulder blades down to the base of your spine. Did that make your shoulders pull back and your spine lengthen? Now raise your chin and lift your torso. Walk slowly and with purpose.

No matter what you’re wearing, you’ll emit an aura of poise and confidence!

Dance, Move & Stretch

There’s nothing like slow movement to help you appreciate the strength of your body. Try strength-building, movement-focused exercise like yoga or pilates to learn how to focus on how powerful small, simple movements can be. It’s an added bonus that these are also excellent ways to burn calories and relax your body and mind! Taking pride in the strength and agility of your body as it moves is key to improving your self-awareness.

No matter how co-ordinated you are, or what kind of music you listen to, try dancing. Make sure you’re alone, turn up your stereo or put on headphones and start moving your body to the music – classical, country, hip hop, folk, dance, whatever you like. Start with tapping your foot, swaying your torso or bouncing in place. Let your mind go blank, grin as big as you can and let the music move you. Take note of how your body moves naturally to the beat and try pushing it a little bit further. Try dancing as small as possible, as big as possible and then try dancing sensually. Sing along to the lyrics if there are any – pretend you’re the performer. Who cares how you look because it’s all about letting go and enjoying yourself!

Your Skin Have you ever paid attention to how different textures feel against it? Experiment with textures and seek out clothing that not only looks good on you, but feels good to wear. Buy a shirt or scarf made with cashmere and notice how soft and warm it feels against your skin. Or the cool smoothness of a pair of silk or satin pajamas. Even the stiff, thick comforting feel of denim against your skin is an experience you may never have been aware of before.

And try 100% cotton bedsheets or, for a more sensual experience, silk or satin sheets.

Just once, sleep completely naked. Put on some of that luxurious moisturizer and slip between those cotton or satin bedsheets. You’ll feel unbelievably luxurious and just a little bit naughty!

And finally, try these little tricks to put a little sensuality into your everyday:

  • Find a moisturizer with a scent that you like. Take the time to apply it immediately after each shower and TAKE YOUR TIME doing it. Massage it in well. You’ll love the attention you’re paying to your skin and you’ll feel luxurious all day having done it.
  • Accentuate the positive. Play up your attributes by dressing in a way that accentuates them. If you have nice skin, show more of it. Try open necklines, sleeveless tops, skirts and dresses. Wear your hair up to play up a long, lovely neck. An hourglass figure? Try a fitted, feminine jacket. Do you have good hair? Wear it down. Whatever you do, show off what you’re proud of about yourself!
  • Smile. Smile at strangers, at co-workers and at yourself in the mirror. It does wonders to project a sense of confidence and improves your mood. Notice how people respond to you when you smile at them.
  • Wear sexy underwear. Whatever you wear now, bump it up a notch. Buy something sexy and extravagant you’d never consider wearing and wear it under your everyday clothes. No-one has to know but you and you’ll feel super-sexy keeping the secret!

This was originally posted on How to Feel Sexy Everyday: Seven Tips to Build Your Self-Awareness and Confidence

About isabelrasmussen

Three generations of women in my family raised me until first grade, amongst them I was taught how wonderful it was to be a girl. In my tween years I was confronted with many of the social challenges other girls face and my self confidence dwindled. I think it was going from being so proud of being a girl to struggling so much as a girl and reading of all the struggles that women faced that motivated me throughout my life. I received her undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies at UW and then worked in domestic violence and as a community organizer in San Francisco. At 26 I took the opportunity to live in Guatemala for a year and West Africa for a summer. I returned to the US and in 2008 obtained a Green MBA at Dominican University in San Rafael.
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