Thank you for reading! You are Beautiful!

This blog was set up to encourage women to tell themselves there are beautiful everyday for 10 days.  I created an iPhone application Beauty Mirror and during September posted thought provoking pieces by amazing women who write their own beautiful blogs.  I encourage you to look through the Beauty Message Blog and find other active blogs that you can follow.

I am now working on a Inner Beauty Uncontest for girls that will launch in April 2011.  When that ends I hope to post pieces written by the girls who participate.  Until then this blog will be inactive.  Thank you for reading and I hope to have more to share in a few months.


About isabelrasmussen

Three generations of women in my family raised me until first grade, amongst them I was taught how wonderful it was to be a girl. In my tween years I was confronted with many of the social challenges other girls face and my self confidence dwindled. I think it was going from being so proud of being a girl to struggling so much as a girl and reading of all the struggles that women faced that motivated me throughout my life. I received her undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies at UW and then worked in domestic violence and as a community organizer in San Francisco. At 26 I took the opportunity to live in Guatemala for a year and West Africa for a summer. I returned to the US and in 2008 obtained a Green MBA at Dominican University in San Rafael.
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