Take the Challenge!

This blog is organized by the Beauty Mirror iPhone App, we are currently working on the Inner Beauty Mirror Uncontest.  Below is information about the Beauty Message Challenge we ran for women in Sept 2010.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: The challenge is to tell yourself you are beautiful three times a day for ten days.  You can simply say “I am beautiful” or you can create a list of all the things that make you a beautiful person and review the list daily.  To be inspired by others, read the Beauty Message Blog daily.

Take it to the next level by sharing powerful Beauty Messages with your community: post your favorite Beauty Message blogs on facebook, say “You are beautiful ” rather than “hello” to close friends and family, write about your experience on our Facebook page,  tell other people they are beautiful by sending them beauty messages by email or text.

CREATE YOUR BEAUTY MESSAGES:There are a variety of ways this can be done and redone throughout your 10 days.  Watch this video now for 3 easy tips on how to do it.

  • iPhone users can download Beauty Mirror, with the app you combine photos and positive beauty affirmations that you can review anytime anywhere.
  • Write 10 beauty messages on a thick piece of paper and make copies.  Keep one in your bag, one on your desk, on the fridge, on the bed stand, or anywhere else that you visit daily.
  • Write beauty messages on post-its and stick them around your bathroom mirror, read them twice a day as you brush your teeth.

ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: Get an accountability partner to take on the challenge with you.  Forming a new habit is easier when you do it with someone else.  Send one another reminder texts as well as beauty messages such as “You are beautiful.”

An easy way to get an accountability partner is to post the video above on Facebook  or email the video to your girlfriends and ask them to join you in the challenge.

SAMPLE BEAUTY MESSAGES: The statements can be as long or short as you want.  Write statements that warm you up inside.  Recognize all of your beautiful accomplishments.

  • “I am beautiful”
  • “I have perfect heart shaped lips, I am beautiful”
  • “I speak 3 languages, I am beautiful.”
  • “I donate $100 a month, I am caring and beautiful.”
  • ” I wrote 100’s of papers, worked my tail off, and graduated college.  I am smart and beautiful.”

4 Responses to Take the Challenge!

  1. Michelle says:

    This is a beautiful idea and I have posted to my facebook page too – Sacred Self – self-love tips fall in love with yourself every day!!

    Keep up the great work, love Michellexx

  2. LOVE this idea! It’s October, but I’m going to start it today 🙂

    • I’ll still be adding posts in October and updates on the Facebook Page! I would love to here what you get out of the challenge and I encourage you to find a friend to take it with as it makes it easier to remember to do it everyday.

    • How did the Beauty Message Challenge go? If you would like to write about the experience we would love to share it on our blog.

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